I’m sure there are hundreds of baby sling tutorials out there, but I still wanted to share mine. Because damn it, what is the internet good for, if it doesn’t offer you different choices?

This one is based on a professional sling that a friend gave us. Basically it’s a long piece of cloth with two O-rings attached to it. See? SUPER simpler.

What you will need.

Fabric: you’ll need a piece that’s 33 X 70, your exact length will depend on your height and how low you want your sling to hang. Some pins (although these are kind of optional, depends on precise you want to be). Sewing equipment (notice I didn’t say sewing machine here, you can hand sew if you want. Me? I am too lazy for hand sewing), 2 steel rings. EXCEPT You’ll want rings that are 2 inches wide, like these below. The rings in the original picture turned out to be too small. I got these at Home Depot, in the hardware section.

Now, what you will want to do is to fold up one end of the fabric. Bringing the sides to the middle and then repeat. Ignore the wrinkles, there is no time for ironing, I have a newborn! :)

In case the top picture is not clear, here’s the fold done in paper. Easier to understand?

Feed the folded end through your two rings. If you want to be precise, you can pin the layers down and feed everything through carefully. Don’t poke your fingers like I did.

Flip the end over the rings, and sew it down. I’ll have to take a picture of this soon.

You are done! To wear, feed the other end through both rings and then again through one ring. Here’s an action shot of the sling.