Crocheted Viking Hat

Another super cute hat courtesy of etsy.

Baby Shower Idea

Just a quick idea about a fun baby shower activity. For my baby shower, I got a bunch of onesies, some fabric markers and paint. I set out a drying line, and a table filled with all the decorating supplies. Then, to give a hint of what to do, I decorated one of the onesies and hung it up before the guests showed up. Everyone gravitated towards this table, kids and adults!

I got some super cute ones and some super “wrong” ones. These are my friends after all. :)

As a side note, I found the fabric markers to work better than the fabric paint. Even though the colors are not as vibrant, it stayed smooth on the shirt, where as the fabric paint dried up super clumpy and rough. It was harder to put those next to baby skin and it also took much longer to dry.

Thing-A-Day- Book Purses – Bang For the Last Day.

Well, the third trimester of this pregnancy has hit me much harder than the first two,  I did miserable at the thing a day challenge this year.   But here’s a good effort for the last day.  I even made a tutorial for this.

Thing-A-Day Feb 9th

A simple child’s toy that I learned to make in Japan.  It’s basically 16 strips of paper (I used a metallic pearlescent paper here, anyone know what it’s called??), stuck to some circular stickers (I just cut them out of avery stickers), and then the whole thing poked through with a bamboo skewer.  There’s a bead glued on the top of  the skewer and another one about 4 inches down to prevent the paper from flying off.   When you twirl the whole thing back and forth, it makes the pretty pattern you see here.

V-day idea.

Given that it’s so close to v-day, I thought I would post a craft idea that worked out particularly well for me.

Neither I nor the MAN are really the frilly hearts type, but we are both big romantics.  So, for last v-day, I wrote up 100 memories I had of our relationship, rolled them each up and packed them into this match box.  I tried to write about not just the really big memories, like the day we got married, but more the little things, that makes our relationship special to me,  which we might not think about a lot, like the time he got his arm stuck down the gopher hole because he misread the pirate treasure map I made him :)
We had a really great time unwrapping and reading a memory each night before bed.

Okay, that’s all.  Hope that wasn’t too sappy for you all.