Thing-A-Day Feb 3rd

Cufflinks made from watch internals and cufflink blanks.  I guess they are steampunky or something…

I attached the watch internals with Apoxie.  I love that stuff!  It’s a two part thing, you mix A&B in equal parts and work away.  It hardens in about 2 hrs and cures in like 24 hours, and takes sanding and painting pretty damn well.  Good for times when you can’t bake the whole item as with Sculpey.

Oh, and then I painted the back with silver nailpolish.  I am not sure if I am in love with that part though, maybe I should do black??

Thing-A-Day Feb 1st

I’m participating in 4th edition of thing-a-day. Hopefully it will make me get off my pa’tush (sp??) and make more stuff this month.

I made this last night, but didn’t get to upload it until now. It’s for a friend’s birthday. The original version was with red ribbon,

Too Childish?

but I decided that was too childish and went with a silver chain instead.

Lego necklace, final version

Which version do you like better?