Top hat Fasinator made from my pattern

A reader, Elizabeth, took my top hat pattern and made such a cute little hat! Clap! Love the contrast of the blue & red.

close up

Sewing Class at the crucible

I have three more spots left in my crash course sewing class at the crucible.  Aug 31, evening 6-10.  Come join me!  I’ll be teaching how to make a tote bag and how to use your machine.

Something Exciting is Brewing!!

can you guess what?? Hint, you’ll be sewing in it soon!!

Never Say No To Panda!

This was so made for this site!!

shark hat/balaclava

shark attack

shark attack

Is this not the cutest hat/balaclava ever? Since I am still too sleep deprived to make anything for mr. toby, I’ve been purchasing things off of etsy instead. The gal who makes this has a bunch of other ones in her shop, but this one was definitely most our style. As you can see, it’s a little bit big on him since it’s meant for a 9 month old, but it’s still super cute!

On the sleep thing, we are starting to see the light at the end of tunnel. We’ve gotten him off of the pacifier and night feedings, and the nap schedules are starting to go longer, closer to 2 hours instead of the 30 mins. Last night he went from 7 – 11PM, did an 11PM dreamfeed and then went until 5AM. After which he hung out in his crib by himself for an hour without crying (I know because I laid awake in the bed next to him waiting for him to go back to sleep). Yay for no cry it out sleep training. If you ever have a sleepless baby, I highly highly recommend the baby whisper book.

Happy 0th Birthday Toby!

Yesterday was Toby’s 0th birthday, his official due date that is. He came to the party 5 weeks early, and boy has it been a whirlwind. Going to the ICU everyday, watching him hooked up to all the tubes and waking up every 1.5 hours to feed him hasn’t been easy, but it’s been amazing to see him go from


I love this little guy so much already!
He’s starting to sleep in slightly bigger chunks (I never thought I would say that about 2.5 hours), and that means I might have a little more time to do things like writing posts, tutorials and crafts! So, look for more things from me soon.

William Toby 长烨 Waters

March 15, 2010. 3:25PM. This qualifies as stuff I made, right?

Thing-A-Day Feb 4th