I’ve gotten a few emails asking me where I got the onesie with the alternate color sleeves in the Toby turns zero post.

Well, guess what? I made that. Not the whole thing of course, I’m just a tad too busy for that. I had purchased all these short sleeve onesies for my baby shower, but it’s still a bit cold for Toby to be laying around in short sleeves. So I decided to add some sleeves to them, it’s super easy.

Want to see how?

1. Determine roughly how long and how wide you want your sleeve. Cut a piece of fabric twice the width and the length plus 1 inch. With the right side of the fabric facing each other, sew down the long side. Flip one of the widthwise raw edges over and sew that down. I did this with a combo of a serger and a sewing machine, but you can really even do this by hand since there is so little sewing.

2. With the sleeve still inside out and matching the cut edge with the edge of the onesie sleeves, feed the sleeve through the neckhole of the onsie.

3. Match up the cut edge of the sleeve with the edge of the onesie sleeve and sew it down.

4. Trim threads and flip the sleeve inside out. Yay, you have a onesie with one long sleeve! Now, you can leave it like that for the one armed 80’s look or repeat this on the other sleeve.